© 2017 by Jack McManaman

Photos by Talia Lezama and Sopon Suwannakit


The songwriting project of Jack McManaman and Adam Gilsdorf, Quentin sets out to create honest, empathetic writing. With equal parts love for the lumbering, sludgy sounds of shoegaze and the high-energy technicality and shimmers of math rock, Quentin creates a unique coalescence of inventive guitar playing and drumming behind extremely melody-driven melancholic lyrics sung by vocalist Arianna Snow. Auspiciously playing venues around Northern Colorado and Denver since late 2016, Quentin has been garnering more and more success and released their first two singles in the Fall of 2017. They recently wrapped up recording their debut full-length record at Mighty Fine Studios in Denver and released I Turned Away in  April 2018. 


"Fully embracing their shoegaze sides, I Turned Away is dark, dreamy, and still peppered with some of the tricks they learned as students at one of the leading jazz schools in the nation" - Bandwagon Magazine